The self-titled debut of the beautiful Taryn Cross is a soulful country collection that will leave music-lovers hungry for more! Kicking off with the edgy "I Can Break My Own Heart", Taryn wastes no time in showing off her sultry, powerful, and dynamic vocals! One of the most attractive appeals of Taryn is her diversity. Country fans will find everything lovely on this CD-moden country-pop, country with a rock edge, traditional country, and heavenly ballads. "Sunday Best" takes on a spiffy rodk edge and tackles the hard-hitting theme of hypocrisy with effortless lyrical skill. Moving across the spectrum, Taryn draws listeners in with her heart-grasping ballad entitled "My Pearls". One thing for sure, Taryn's as talented as the biggest names in modern country! Fans of LeeAnn Rhimes, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood will find a new obsession in this amazing new talent! "

-Xavier P. , RadioIndy

Austin Jansen Goes Rogue On Taryn Cross Tour

by Nook Schoenfeld

"With Taryn's God-given talent, it's already been determined, she is a star."

- Chip Westerfield, Producer

"Taryn Cross is a young Bellingham woman who's carving out a career in country music. Her self-titled CD is a strong first attempt that utilized local talent and session players from Nashville and Los Angeles. The songs are delivered with strong, powerful vocals and self-assured confidence."

-Locals Only, KISM Radio

"Taryn Cross is absolutely what music needs today...a fresh, modern sound with a hint of the traditional. Taryn is definately forging her own path in the industry, like the greats of yester-year. It's clear she's out to be an individual, not just another pop-country clone...You gotta hear this girl sing!"

​-Stephanie Lynn, KSHL Radio

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-Jerry, Ladies Of Country Music Radio

"Taryn Cross is one of the most incredible talents that I've had the pleasure of working with, and her ability to sell a song with raw passion is unrivalled."

- Paul Cowan, President of SPI Nashville

March 2017 Cover Feature for Sacramento Talent Magazine 

VACAVILLE, CA – For up-and-coming singer Taryn Cross, “Break Some Rules” is more than the title of her latest recording; it also describes her adventurous approach to music. Cross, who has opened for country stars like Eric Church, Joe Nichols and Randy Travis, has been more than ready to bend and break musical boundaries by blending her Nashville sound with rock and indie influences - all while infusing it with a sultry undertone that is all her own.

More details from Chauvet (www.chauvetlighting.com):

With her new recording, Cross is rebranding herself to go even further from the country genre. Austin Jansen of Digital Dynamite Productions is reflecting the 21-year-old artist’s freewheeling musical style in lights with a rig anchored by Rogue R2 Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.  Positioning 20 of the 240-watt LED fixtures on horizontal upstage truss, Jansen has created a lightshow that, like his client’s music, is direct and intense, hitting the audience and the stage with rising and falling levels of intense beams.

In keeping with the rule-breaking attitude of the tour, Jansen drew inspiration for the country artist’s rig from a very un-Nashville like source:  Metallica. “I have been impressed by Metallica’s lightshows,” he said. “Taryn’s musical style may be different than Metallica’s, but the look is something that I felt fit her show. I liked how Metallica’s rig was simple and understated, but then became searing and intense once the show started.  This is what we were after here.”

"Country-pop singer Taryn Cross' latest release is the EP "Might As Well Be Me." The title track was written by Bay Area favorite Steve Seskin. It's told from the point of view of a musician watching the would-be next big thing on TV. 

"I think every artist can relate to that song," Cross says. "It does get frustrating at times. You just wonder what you could be doing different. If you met the right person at the right time, that could be you."

And the next big thing might as well be Taryn Cross. She's got a sensational voice, stunning looks, a winning personality and the ability to write powerful songs."

"Taryn, by the time you get to the word "occupied" in the first line of "I Can Break My Own Heart", it is obvious that you are a wonderful talent. You immediately reel the listener in and, there is no thinking about hitting the stop or skip button. Hooked from the start!"

-Jeff Warfle, Nashville, TN

"We see thousands of songs by indie artists and name the best artists RadioIndy.com Gold Artists. We focus on musicianship, songwriting and recording quality when determing Gold artist status. Congratulations-You are a RadioIndy Gold Artist!"


"Your material is as strong as what's on the radio in the Country/Pop genre and among the strongest in this genre ever submitted to me via Sonicbids. And, for someone as young as you are, it makes it all the more amazing! I am super impressed by your work, Taryn!"

- Eugene Foley, Foley Entertainment 

"Taryn Cross's strong vocal and personable innocence is communicated clearly and with sincerity in her self-titled 9-track country album. Although the overall performances are of a cross-over to AC, the focus on country sensibility is undeniable in tunes that crush the heart like "My Pearls". The song is a highlight of the album as Taryn sings about a string of pearls that were left her by her dead husband and referred to as her children grew. The lyrics sing of a time in life where she had to sell them to make ends meet and when asked years later where they were, she told her children that her true pearls are her children, the real gift left for her by her man. Touching. The following track, "Two Step Program", is a clever twist on self-help programs as Cross explains how she'd prefer a two-step program to 12-step meeting. "You ain't alone, come and dance with me, I need a two step program, that's what the dance hall is for'. Back at the beginning of the record the song "I Can Break My Own Heart" is a contemporary country/rock female song of strength - the ones that triumphantly explain that this man isn't needed. 'I can tell my own lies, I don't need your alibis, cause I can break my own heart baby, no I don't need you'. The song is radio ready country hit. The topic of assertive woman-kind moves into a whole new direction in "Bad Hair Day". Our favorite on the record, the song describes how a bad color job turns into a shoot out at the corner beauty salon. Fun tune - and the basis for a great music video. Kind of a solo Thelma and Louise for the Vidal Sassoon set. The next track, "I'm Gonna Buy Me a Car" has a Colvin vocal approach to it with a Nashville flavor as she buys a car to forget about a man. Taryn sings, "i'm going to go to LA, to the beaches he swore he'd show me someday, wanna see his name, written in my hand, wash away on the sand. .dreamers die when they stay where they are, I'm gonna buy me a car'. True. Overall the record is quality from start to finish in musicianship, song writing, and sincere performance. The production is first rate and we're sure we'll be hearing more about Cross. She has that unique combination of familiarity and talent that is successful in the genre."

​- Earbuzz

"As a song writer, I feel fortunate to work with artists of Taryn's caliber. With five of my songs on Taryn's CD, I truly feel like I'm getting in on the ground floor of something very special...Taryn will go far in this industry and I feel blessed to be along for the ride."​​

-Rod Stone, Nashville Songwriter