Taryn's third release seems more like her breakout in many ways. While playing it safe landed her many amazing opportunities opening for artists such as Randy Travis, Eric Church, Love & Theft, & more, she is ready to show the world who she really is. With her new EP, she is showing off a new side. Although she isn't abandoning her country roots altogether, her songwriting was heavily influenced by pop and rock genres. 

VACAVILLE, CA – For up-and-coming singer Taryn Cross, “Break Some Rules” is more than the title of her latest recording; it also describes her adventurous approach to music. Cross, who has opened for country stars like Eric Church, Joe Nichols and Randy Travis, has been more than ready to bend and break musical boundaries by blending her Nashville sound with rock and indie influences - all while infusing it with a sultry undertone that is all her own.

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With her new recording, Cross is rebranding herself to go even further from the country genre. Austin Jansen of Digital Dynamite Productions is reflecting the 21-year-old artist’s freewheeling musical style in lights with a rig anchored by Rogue R2 Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.  Positioning 20 of the 240-watt LED fixtures on horizontal upstage truss, Jansen has created a lightshow that, like his client’s music, is direct and intense, hitting the audience and the stage with rising and falling levels of intense beams.

In keeping with the rule-breaking attitude of the tour, Jansen drew inspiration for the country artist’s rig from a very un-Nashville like source:  Metallica. “I have been impressed by Metallica’s lightshows,” he said. “Taryn’s musical style may be different than Metallica’s, but the look is something that I felt fit her show. I liked how Metallica’s rig was simple and understated, but then became searing and intense once the show started.  This is what we were after here.”

Austin Jansen Goes Rogue on Taryn Cross Tour​

Photo by Randy Franklin